Laura E. Babe M.D. P.L.C.

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This is the web page for Laura E Babe MD P.L.C., the office of Dr. Laura Babe and Dr Rodney Dewyer.

 A doctor is available 24/7 at the number below.

A physician is always available to answer urgent calls at our practice. To reach us, day or night, call the office phone number 734 761 2165 and press 2 to reach the physician on call. In fact, if you have to call, you will get one of us. We may not have access to  your records at all times (when in the check out line at Meijer's we will not be able to see what you were allergic to 10 years ago) but almost all the time we will be able to have your chart in front of us. The web portal is also available for non-emergency issues. Please realize that we do not routinely check the website except during office hours, so if you have a problem on the weekend and really need to talk to the doctor, or are trying to figure out if you need to go to an urgent care PLEASE CALL 734 761 2165. To access the portal, please follow the link to the left. For a life threatening emergency, call 911

 Laura E Babe MD    Rodney  Dewyer MD

As of  1/17/2016 the practice is not accepting new patients.